• Financial Brokers Ltd - your financial advisor in UK
    We care about your finance.
    We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible advice and we want to be recognised as being amongst the very best adviser businesses in the financial services industry.
    We believe that financial services are too complex and time consuming for average consumer to understand, especially for someone who is not familiar with financial terminology in English. The majority of our foreign clients are Poles living in UK who are benefitting from free initial financial review. We deal with clients throughout the whole process of arranging and dealing with specific service explaining and translating all aspect so client feels that he is not alone in complicated Financial Services environment.
    To achieve that we had to make sure that all regulations are on the highest level. - Legals.
  • Meet Financial Brokers Ltd.
    Financial Brokers Ltd is your advisor in finances world in the UK.
    To achieve that we had to make sure that all regulations are on the highest level.
    We cooperate with vast majority of lenders and insurance companies, including: Santander, Barclays, Halifax, Zurich, Aegon, Friends Life, Pruprotect and others.
    As one of very few companies we provide a free initial financial consultations to foreigners living in UK in their native language. Our advisers speak polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, French, Spanish.
    Financial Services in Uk are very complex regardless whether you obtaining the mortgage or taking out a life cover. Without specialist it is not easy to find the best product for yourself especially if you are foreigner.
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